NavigationExample / Code quality

Apr 18, 2013 at 8:42 AM
Just downloaded the "NavigationExample" since your Smart Navigation Framwork looks interesting for me.

But I am not sure if I got it. It supports MVVM pattern but the NavigationSample contains no __ViewModel__s? Just see the Views folder but no ViewModels folder.

Imagine that developers want to "migrate" their projects (MVVM) using your framework.

I want to have a clear separation between Views and ViewModels but I can't see that separation in the sample.

Also MainPage is a view and should be located in the Views namespace (well I known that the standard Microsoft project templates don't do this but I do)

Code quality:
I appreciate your time and effort providing us with your library for free but it would be nice to get something more professional.

I like the idea of your "Smart Navigation Framework" but I don't like the implementation (at the moment).